Things to do if you’re off school because of mental illness

This post will be beneficial for me as well as for everyone else (hopefully), so I’m really looking forward to writing this and coming up with ideas.

At the moment, my day consists of waking up at midday and doing nothing for the whole day, with maybe an occasional cycle ride or trip to the shops. Some of this is because of my mental state, but I’ll admit that there are some times where I feel up to going and doing something but I just can’t get myself to do it/ think of anything to do. Also, if anyone has anything they want to add, leave a comment or email me, and I can add to this post with your name and contribution!

If you’re feeling affected by your illness:

1. Watch a TV show. It’s best to keep your mind occupied on something external 🙂

2. Take a bath or shower if you can!

See more on ways to lift your mood in my post on coping mechanisms.

If you’re at a loss for things to do:

• Make a plan for each day when you wake up. This way, you can plan your day around your mood and it allows for flexibility.

• On your plan, something which would be good to regularly include is exercise. Whichever form appeals to you, even if it’s a dance session in your bedroom. If you’re not at school, you’re probably not moving about as much as you would, and it really improves your mental health in both the long term and short term!

• Start a diary. This’ll be a great way to vent and track your progress/ find the reasons or triggers for relapses. Remember that it’s hard to stick to something if you have an illness such as depression, bipolar, ADHD and pretty much everything else, so don’t blame yourself if you can’t stick to it and make regular entries. I made a diary a while ago and did it religiously for a while, but haven’t updated it for a week – I know that when I feel better it’s going to be there waiting, and I don’t feel obligated to force myself to write if it won’t help. Look after yourselves ❤

• Engage yourself in music if that’s something you like. Remember you have a lot of free time which could be a huge opportunity to write, practice and explore your instrument!

• Tidy and redecorate your room. It can be nice to have a change of scene, and it’ll leave you feeling more relaxed without clutter around you, if you’re anything like me.

• Remember that even though you’re not in school, everything’s a learning experience. If you can, immerse yourself in books and nature and follow things you’re passionate about. You’re not in school and you have complete freedom to follow anything you’d like!

Ideas from others

  • Tom, @thewiff28 on Instagram: “Work out/ have a project so that you can busy yourself with little tasks/cook/clean/write some music.”
  • Lalou, @laaalou._ on Instagram: “Spend at least an hour a week developing an art project; any type of art. Do something that you look forward to every day (that makes you happy).”

I’ll probably continually add to this post as I think of things, and as I said earlier, I’ll add your ideas too with your name and social media (if you’d like).

To add an idea, go to the ‘Contact Me’ section of my website and I’ll get back to you.

Have an amazing day xx


2 thoughts on “Things to do if you’re off school because of mental illness

  1. These are great ideas! When my daughter was ten (she’s 22 now), she was missing a lot of school because of panic attacks. She felt guilty for not being in school, so she tried to stay productive. She taught herself to sew cute little purses by hand. She also loved to do arts and crafts. And she’d go outside and jump on the trampoline or practice shooting baskets… she loved basketball! Thanks for finding my blog and the follow. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. It’s great that you’re writing about having a mental illness. So many people don’t really understand it, and the more we speak out about it, the less stigma there will be. Eventually! Have a great weekend! Jenny

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